What are Short Code Keywords?

Keywords are a powerful tool when teamed with a Short Code – it’s a unique SMS identity. Keywords are the words that your customers use to identify the product, service or request they’re interested in.


Why use Short Code Keywords?

Used with a Short Code it’s incredibly memorable, and the keyword gives your brand great exposure.

Consumers can easily make contact, improve interactions and generate leads. The response from a Short Code number is almost immediate, translating to high returns and you never miss a lead.

We’ve all seen it: ‘SMS “LBM” to request information’, and it’s that effortless for your customers to contact you.


Keywords are great for a variety of campaigns and initiatives:

  •  Respond to a promotion or offer
  •  Request information or a brochure
  •  Request a callback
  •  Receive a promotional coupon/voucher
  •  Place a competition vote
  •  Book a test drive


Just as you need to make it easy for your customers, SMSPortal makes life easy for you. Our keyword platform has been designed to be easy-to-use, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can manage his or her keywords and Short Codes.

The advanced management tools on the SMS keyword service allow you to alter how you receive the message, by email, mobile or to a URL, and even the response you send.

To register for a keyword you need to be a registered user of SMSPortal. Once you have registered, you can apply for a keyword and your campaign, service or promotion can be swiftly setup.

Keyword Pricing

Keywords are purchased for a year with outgoing replies charged at a standard SMS rate. The table below outlines the costs associated with running a keyword with a Short Code.

Setup Fee (per keyword) R1500 Once off for 12 months
Outgoing Reply An SMS Standard SMS Rates

Please note: Prices exclude VAT.