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Our Wireless Network is the basis from where we deliver all our services and will be explained in some detail below.

Wireless Network Explained

Wireless technology operates on the principle of an AP (access point) publishing a wireless signal, and a client or station connecting to that signal. Inside that wireless connection information can be transferred. As Technology has evolved so the speed of these connections have also increased, enabling us to connect clients to high speed Internet access, as well as delivering quality Voice connections and other data services over the same link.
There are primarily 2 types of wireless connectivity categories – roaming wireless and fixed wireless. Roaming wireless is typically what you have with using a cell phone on the GSM networks, or with connecting with a tablet to a Wi-Fi hot-spot. The station (cell phone or tablet) can roam within the reach of the AP. A variety of APs can also be configured to create a large mesh type network which can extend the range of the network drastically – like with the GSM networks.
With fixed wireless the station is actually mounted to the structure where the connection is needed. LBM Computer Services uses fixed wireless equipment to connect its customers. A wireless CPE (antenna/radio/router) is installed on your premises. The mounted CPE needs to be installed in such a location as to have a clear line of sight to one of our APs. From there the signal is routed through our network to provide the specific services you require.

Which areas do you cover?

Below is a graphical representation of the areas we cover in the North West Province. Please note that not every point in these areas will have line of site to an AP.

wireless connection coverage


What if I don’t have direct line of sight to the AP (Access Point)?

If you do not have direct line-of-sight (LoS) to an AP a connection to our network cannot be established. There are various software tools that we use to give us an indication if LoS can be established.

What is the basic installation process?

1. CPE (CLIENT PREMISE EQUIPMENT) IS MOUNTED – The CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) comes in small, medium or large sizes, depending on the distance from the AP. It is normally a small weatherproof device mounted on an exterior wall, the eaves or rooftop. (See under support a better description of the installation equipment.) It can also be mounted on a separate freestanding pole or tower. The installed CPE points to the AP located strategically to service a specific area.
2. WIRING – A CAT5 cable also known as Ethernet cable is run down from the CPE on an exterior wall. Our installers try to obscure the cable as much as possible. The cable needs to transfer from the outside of the house to the inside either through the roof, or through drilling a small hole in a wall or door/window frame. If there are existing cabling for Phone, or Satellite TV we will try to work with these as much as possible. If you need additional wiring please contact us for an official quotation. Please check under support for all the different installation possibilities.
3. CONNECT YOUR COMPUTER(S) – Once inside the house the cable can be connected to a single computer or into the internal network. A basic installation provides you with 1 Ethernet connection. (See under support for the different options.)
With everything in place – The connection is tested and all basic configuration setups are done – setting up emails, Wi-Fi connections, etc.

What do I pay for?*

A basic installation includes the following:

  • Traveling Installation and activation charge
  • 30m or less of CAT5 cable
  • CPE with POE (This antenna remains the property of LBM Computer Services as specified in our Memorandum of agreement)
  • One exterior wall mount & 3m aluminium pole (This equipment remains the property of LBM Computer Services as specified in our Memorandum of Agreement)
  • One connection and configuration to a computer network card, or to the Internal network
  • The interface setup and configuring of an e-mail account. 
  • To install switches, Wi-Fi hotspots, VOIP connections etcetera will all be charged additional.

* Additional charges may apply for special installations (e.g. non-penetrating roof mount, extension pole, wall jack, additional cabling beyond 30m etc.) Custom Installation is done by quote only. Trouble shooting computer problems are also not included.

How long does the installation take?

About 2-4 hours – for a basic installation.

What equipment do I get?

The equipment needed for a basic installation is the CPE, POE, external mounting equipment and cabling. Any additional equipment requested will be charged additionally.

Who owns the equipment?

The CPE and POE supplied at installation remains the property of LBM Computer Services and must be returned to us upon termination of Service. Whilst the CPE is in service on your premises you are responsible to insure this against theft or accidental damage (as covered under a standard short term insurance policy) – or if you do not have insurance, pay for the repair or replacement if such damage occurs. LBM Computer Services will however support and maintain this CPE to operate optimally. The CPE should have a technology lifespan of at least 3 years. CPEs older than 3 years that need to be upgraded will result in an upgrade cost for the customer.
All other equipment installed is purchased from LBM Computer Services and ownership transfers once fully paid. Although most of this additional equipment comes with guarantees / warranties, it still remains equipment under your care and needs to be maintained / operated in accordance with the suppliers’ specifications. Any after sales support on this equipment that is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, or that does not clearly point to a faulty installation by LBM Computer Services, will be chargeable to the customer.

Do I need a phone line to get connected?

No, the LBM Computer Services service does not use a phone-line like dial-up or ADSL connections. It can in fact replace the existing phone line altogether, as you can make voice calls and send faxes via your internet connection (additional hardware and/or software required.)

Does bad weather affect my signal?

Heat, cold, rain should not under normal circumstances affect your wireless Internet connection. Environmental factors like electrical surges, lightning, water damage and extreme winds can affect your connection. The Internet connection is relayed wirelessly through our network and is reliant on electricity. Although we do have electrical backups throughout our network, and backup generators at all our data centres, extreme periods of electricity loss could effect the service we supply.

What kind of technical support does LBM Computer Services provide?

LBM Computer Services provides ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services over its wireless network. The point of demarcation between the LBM Computer Services network and the customer network is the CPE. LBM Computer Services is not responsible for the operation of the customer network beyond this point. In the event of a loss of service, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their network is functional, and that all equipment is operational.
In the event that the customer requests a service call, LBM Computer Services personnel will test the service to the CPE. If the CPE is connected to the AP we will log into the CPE and check for LAN connections to the internal network. If there is no fault to this point, a call can be logged, but a service charge will apply.
Damaged equipment will be replaced under warranty, if applicable, unless damage is cause by factors not covered in the warranty. Equipment damage out of warranty will be billed to the customer.
LBM Computer Services has FREE Technical and Telephonic Support available but it is limited to your internet connection and related issues with our service. Any computer related problems, software problems, Microsoft problems, printer problems, virus issues etcetera will be handled as IT support and is chargeable.


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