ADSL Connectivity

Ideal for home users & small businesses. If you need the stability of knowing that you have got a fixed amount

of bandwidth per month then the Basic accounts are just for you. 

All LBM Internet ADSL international bandwidth is supplied via fiber optic links on the undersea SAT3 cable and not via Satellite like some other ISP's. This gives you a FASTER surfing experience without all the latency. 
Plus there is no need to add fancy proxy settings or any other 3rd party software. Just add our LBMInternet user name and password to your router and you are ready to go. 
ADSL accounts are normal month to month billed accounts. The remaining bandwidth does not carry over to next month. 
You can now get your ADSL line from us as well. In addition to saving cost on the line rental you will have the added benefit of only receiving one Invoice, one debit order for yout entire Internet bill.

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